Sabado, Setyembre 22, 2012


               Sustainable energy means energy sources that will allow the earth to sustain balance, healthy ecosystem and human life. Sustainable energy that can be produce without using resources that are not be able to renewed.
              The source of sustainable energy are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and nuclear energy. the energy source like solar energy present in  abundance. It is the only natural resources which has no constraints in terms of availability, cost and ease use. Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source which never seems to end. However, the wind pressure is limited to coastal regions so as the tidal power. Wind power is an environment friendly way of generating electricity. Sustainable energy source are also known as a green energy and alternative source of energy because of its environment attitude. Therefore all those energy sources which can be used again and again without the fear of being diminished are parts of sustainable energy. Nuclear energy is a really efficient source of sustainable energy.
                The energy source like solar energy and wind power are present in abundance but it is important to conserve them in order to utilize them. Otherwise this abundant energy would go all in vein. It is also important here to note that the electricity generated by using wind power and solar power need to be conserved and preserved.

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